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If you like unusual and unconventional games, Chain Reactor online slot machines are likely to become your next favorite. They create winning combinations in a unique way, allowing players to get more benefits from their investments. In this article, we will dive into the nature of these unusual machines, see how they work, and how players can start to get a chain reaction of fantastic victories. แนะนำ h game

Software developers will never surprise the gaming community with fresh and innovative ideas. In order to attract the attention of gamers who have many choices today, game creators are always looking for fascinating stories to ensure that their next hits top the charts. However, just an interesting story is not enough to make modern bettors enjoy it, and the choice of themes is far from limitless. This is where the unusual scroll mechanics really comes into play. Without further ado, let us continue to discuss the details of the chain reactor slot.

How does the chain reactor online slot machine work? เว็บสล็อต ฝาก 20 รับ 200

The Chain Reactor slot machine is the idea of ​​Mobilots. It is not hard to guess that the designers of this Malta-based company were inspired by one of the most popular mobile games of all time-Candy Crush Saga. We bet that you have tried the cool Las Vegas-style combination of Tetris and One-armed Bandit, because they say that there are more people playing Candy Crush Saga than those who don’t. However, Chain Reactor games are based on the same concept, the difference is that they are real slot machines, paying rewards for matching certain symbol combinations on a set of 5×5 cascading reels.

To win, the player must match 4 to 14 symbols that must be touched on any of the four sides. As with other cascading (or flipped) reel video slot machines, all symbols in the winning combination will disappear to allow new symbols to fill in the gaps and possibly create new winning sequences. The cascading sequence continues until no more prizes appear on the reels. It is safe to say that the main reason for the popularity of chain reactions is that they can provide players with additional bonuses without the need to bet additional and spin again.

What are the benefits of chain reactor online slot machines?  slot โบนัส 100 เทิ ร์ น 2 เท่า

What are the benefits of Chain Reactor online slot machines?

First of all, all Chain Reactor games have a vibrant wild icon that can replace all other symbols to generate greater bonuses. Most importantly, when the player fills up the corresponding bars, the bonus and jackpot icons will bring instant cash rewards. For example, every delicious prize in the low volatility Licky Luck will be contributed to the money pool located on the left side of the reel. Once the sum reaches $50, the player can get the prize.

These so-called conversation jackpots are an integral part of the Mobilots chain reactor product portfolio and can be found in all games belonging to this category. In turn, the slot machines themselves are provided by some of the top online casinos, including Vegas Crest.

As for bonus games, they may vary from game to game, and Sugar & Ice and some other versions only provide prizes generated by cascading bonuses and session jackpots. Smiley Veggies, Advent Wins and Sporty Smiles are just some sweets, not only through the jackpot, but also through the bonus bar. Once the last one is filled, you will receive exciting pick’em bonuses and different cash rewards. Grab. On the other hand, in Big Fat Turkey and Sugar Kisses, winning the session jackpot triggers a bonus round, giving bettors the opportunity to spin the wheel and resee the jackpot with the starting value.

The great thing about jackpots and bonus rounds is that their cumulative value will not be lost at the end of the game, which means players can start where they left off.

The betting options and MAX WIN

Chain Reactor online slot machines are not only applicable to all mobile devices, but also to all funds, as their betting range starts from $0.10 per spin and the maximum betting limit is $5. Speaking of potential winners, high-value symbols can generate very impressive payouts, especially if you manage to match more than ten. Most games, including the recently released Luck and Fortune, offer a maximum payout of $10,000, which means that a $5 bet can be turned into a wealth of $50,000.

When it comes to the theoretical RTP of these games, it is a good 94.5%, but of course it is not the highest. On the bright side, the chance to build and win your own jackpot far more than compensates for this small detail. It is also worth mentioning that the Chain Reactor game is mainly designed for players who like low-volatility slot machines, and their bonuses are small but frequent.

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