No Matter How Good It May Look, No Betting System Will Beat the Math of the Game

They are everywhere. System suppliers, those snake oil suppliers in the game world, bomb you with emails. Recently, I received some emails from novice players asking questions about one form or another of the betting system. I always answer in the same way. However, first, there is a bit of history. เกม เพชร พลอย

When I first came to Las Vegas about 30 years ago, I signed up for some kind of Las Vegas newsletter. It is a “safe” way to win in video poker. It is said that the method starts with only one credit per hand. If you don’t win anything in the four or five hands (can’t remember which hand it is), increase your bet to two points, and then play four or five hands, or until you win something. Repeat this process until he bets up to 5 credits with four or five hands. If he plays four or five hands with five points and wins nothing, he must start again with one point. สูตรสล็อต PG

It didn’t take long for him to realize that this method would not work at all. In lower-level games, most bonuses are simply paid one-to-one-your bet has come back. Of course, he will get good victories from time to time. This has never happened to me when I was playing this system (I didn’t play it for a long time), but imagine the disappointment of a royal flush with only one credit bet, and only 250 credits in return. (And free) So my expectations are not that high, but even the lowest expectations are far from reaching this system. เกม ดอกไม้ไฟ

Many such systems are provided. Some of them are free and require some kind of subscription. The cost of other systems is nominal and may be between 10 and 25 US dollars. All these systems are based on one of two things. The first is to look for “trends.” Observe the flow of cards, and when the time is right, bet more on the most paid part of the flow. However, the most common type of system involves increasing your bet. Some people say that they will increase their bets if they win, but most people say they will increase their bets if they lose. In a more complex system, you will not only increase the bet when you lose, but you will also increase the difference game as the bet increases. In order to take advantage of the high-paying hands provided by these high-variance games, they appear more frequently than royal flushes and are still well rewarded. All these systems boast the fact that they will eventually hit big things. By increasing your bet (and sometimes variance), you will win enough prizes at the highest bet level to make up for your losses at the time.

This can sometimes work. Maybe this works in most cases. You will recover enough to make up for your losses and perhaps a little profit. But think about what happens when you complete the betting cycle and the variance increases without making a profit. The amount of loss will be staggering. Suppose your comfort level for playing video poker is one-quarter level. You can easily bet $1.25 per hand and have enough funds to handle this level of betting in games with low to medium changes. By following the recommendations provided in these systems, your betting level will increase to $2.50 per lot and then $5 per lot. Then 10 dollars per lot and so on.

Even if you switch the game to those high variance varieties that pay more and occur more frequently than the Royal Flush, there is no guarantee that you will get a large enough profit to make up for the loss at the time. When you move to a higher denomination game with higher variance, if you miss one of the high-paying hands (a very different possibility), you will lose the game at a higher rate. In the case of Jacks or better, the total return of Royal Flush and Straight Flush is only about 2.5%. If you lose, you will be about 2.5% higher than the total return of the game.. You did not hit a straight flush. Conversely, if you play Triple Double Bonus, where almost 28% of the return comes from hands that pay 50 or more, then you will lose approximately 28% of these high odds hands. Please note that for triple double reds, the most frequently appearing hands only appear once per 630 hands on average. It may take four, five, or even ten times as many hands to land. At the same time, you lose 28% faster than the normal bet size. Not only that, the gameplay of Triple Double Bonus is also different from Jacks or Better. It is different from other increasingly unstable games in that you are also asked to play these games when you are trying to get a triple double bonus. Can you play all these different strategies correctly?

Although the system can work most of the time, when it does not work (and there will definitely be times when it does not work), the result will be disastrous. To be fair, many of these systems are aware of the danger zone in which they operate, so they set loss limits. If you follow these systems faithfully, it is true that you will only lose a limited amount of loss per game, but this does not mean that you can use any long-term betting system to win. As you play more and more, your losses will get closer and closer to the level of game math that you will lose. In the long run, the only way to win is to only play video poker games that can bring players more than 100% returns, and play the game with perfect strategy. Almost all video poker games have a house advantage. Over time, if you only play casino-dominant games, you will lose. You may be able to dodge bullets many times by playing the betting system, but they will eventually kill you.

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